Automated Workflow Process 

Saffron Platform is designed to digitise the client onboarding journey providing complete control throughout any project process.

Our system empowers teams to follow processes such as mandate onboarding and fund launches, ensuring all documentation, IDV, PoC, KYC and AML flows are addressed correctly, accurately and in a timely manner, providing you with tools to run a full audit trail with confidence.

With customer onboarding times reduced dramatically and regulatory compliance taken care of, we give you peace of mind and a complete focus on building your business.

Our modular approach to delivering the solution offers:

A unique combination of a powerful Project Management System, with a tightly integrated Document management.
A Template Management tool enabling clients to set up and run their automated process.
An embedded KYC and AML System digitising all clients and entities.
All information monitored and stored within its own secure Client Portal.
All projects and actions within the platform provide a complete Audit and Reporting to ensure regulatory compliance.