Saffron Automated Workflow Management.. a platform designed to digitise the project management journey, also to provide complete control throughout any project process and Client Lifecycle Management. Our system empowers teams to follow processes such as mandate onboarding and fund launches, ensuring all documentation, including the KYC process (IDV, PoA, and AML) flows are addressed correctly, accurately and in a timely manner, providing you with tools to run a full audit trail with confidence. With customer onboarding times reduced dramatically and regulatory compliance taken care of, we give you peace of mind and a complete focus on building your business. 

Saffron takes the approach of a project manager, with four distinct levels of activity: Programmes, Projects, Sub-projects and Tasks. Users can drill down to the lowest level of detail within all tasks to update status and utilise the Task Sign Off facility. This control includes: sign off of documents; the confirmation of delivery or uploading of documents; fee review and sign off; acceptance of KYC system integration; and external user messaging. Users in all relevant departments across the firm and beyond (e.g. in third party administrators) are brought together by this unique, collaborative tool. If a new team member is introduced, he/she can automatically see the status of all tasks and who is due to do what task by which date.

Product functionallity and target markets

 Saffron HUB is designed for...